"You talked and we listened"

We have been listening to home sellers and what they have been saying. Sellers have found that the traditional way of listing their house no longer meets their needs.


My à la Carte Agent matches value-minded customers with a professional and experienced real estate agents with has over 30 years of experience. We work for top-tier real estate companies, not one of the "Johnny come lately" discount brokers. We have the experience and expertise to help you sell your house and can offer as little or as much service as you like.

It is a privilege to be a REALTOR finding homes for clients, like you, for over 30 years.  It does not matter if you are a first-time buyer or buying a multi-million dollar home,  we will give you the service you deserve.  We have 1,000’s of satisfied customers and a proven track-record of consistently placing in the top 10% of all REALTORs nationwide.  

Being in the business from the 70’s, we have seen mortgage rates from 4% to 18% and the median price of move from $20,000 to $800,000.  Every market has it’s own approach that we can help you navigate.

We are looking forward to helping you buy and sell your home.



We don’t use a “My A la Carte” or one of those “Johnny come lately” real estate signs.  We only use signs from my respected and nationally recognized broker to help market your home.